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Exporting bonsai including garden bonsai and other bonsai-related products to other countries.
Organizing bonsai tour, managing international bonsai school.

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Our Service 
We will assist you in accessing the Japanese Bonsai world.
Our services are as follows:
* Exporting bonsai , Garden Bonsai , tools and pots
* Organizing bonsai workshops for foreign visitors, including demonstrations
* Coordinating bonsai-related tour, nursery inspection
* Shipping service
* Interpretation service
* Dispatching Japanese Bonsai Masters
by top Japanese Bonsai artists.
If you are traveling in Japan for under 90 days with a tourist visa, we will organize a visit for you to a Bonsai Exhibition, including transportation and interpretation services.
Bonsai Network Japan
Owner : Yoshihiro Nakamizu
Address : 1256-72, Hongo-Cho, Kita-ku, Saitama City,Saitama, Japan 331-0802
TEL / FAX : (+81) 48-776-9972
Cell phone : (+81) 90-5311-1808
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