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Exporting bonsai including garden bonsai and other bonsai-related products to other countries.
Organizing bonsai tour, managing international bonsai school.

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We are look forward to meet with you at Bonsai Exhibition Special Space, thank you !

Mr. Kawabe appear for demonstration for Bonsai, thank you !


Some of news reporter came to our Bonsai Restaurant, Bonsai Network Japan, and Bonsai village, and Bonsai Museum….
The case start is United Kingdom leaving the EU.
We can’t believe the results and surprised media rush.



This month (April) special topic is Bonsai.
Bonsai Restaurant and me appeared in the topic page.
Please see the inflight magazine when you take a airplane, thank you.



I picked up Narita Airport this afternoon.
She is from Belgium.
We took a picture with her gift for me, thank you !


Today's bonsai tour is from a couple of Vietnam.
One of our restaurant staff can speak fluently language of Vietnam, they
were very enjoyed each other.
Thank you !!


Today's bonsai tour is from New Zealand !!
I was all day in Bonsai restaurant:)


There were many people for Cherry blossoms bonsai class this month.
This name is "Asahiyama", you can see the flower in the room.
We appreciate for many people joined in my bonsai class, thank you !



Please see the page check page 57, our export Bonsai business to Europe how to ship by 20feet container, it was very hard work.



We held Bonsai Class for Cherry blossom Bonsai at Bonsai Restaurant am10:00.
This time we use with tray, too. It is very stylish bonsai.
Next time, 6th March, am 10:00 start !


We took a picture for Skymark airline inflight magazine, please look at it when you flight by Skymark on April, theme is Bonsai, thank you.


I just arrived Narita Airport and pick up Argentina student, we go to Taisho en by train:)


We are very busy during winter season. This time we export to Spain, Scotland, Germany, the Nether lands, and so on.
Probably I don’t mind the cold ?



We are very busy export bonsai to Europe because we can ship only during winter season.
Inspection officer come to 4th January.



Please check our restaurant, thank you !



Bon Sake now on sale with Juniperus chinensisJ


Please check the below URL, Bonsai tour



Thank you !



We hold Reception at our restaurant Omiya Bonsai Museum and National Bonsai
and Penjing Museum relationship.
Ms. Yoko Shoji, President of Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, Mr. Hayato Shimizu,
Mayor of Saitama city, Mr. Hideki Makihara,
Member of the House of Representatives in the Diet, Mr. Kawasumi, President
of Masakuni, Mr.Yamada, Seiko-en Owners, Mr. Murata, Kyuka-en, Bosnai
restaurant staff and Mr. Nakamizu, thank you !!


We hold bonsai class this month 1st is kokedama class.
Enjoy and happy !



We just finished vanning for container by ship, and very tired...

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