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Exporting bonsai including garden bonsai and other bonsai-related products to other countries.
Organizing bonsai tour, managing international bonsai school.

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23 Nov 2015

Please check the below URL, Bonsai tour



Thank you !


14 Oct 2015

We hold Reception at our restaurant Omiya Bonsai Museum and National Bonsai
and Penjing Museum relationship.
Ms. Yoko Shoji, President of Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, Mr. Hayato Shimizu,
Mayor of Saitama city, Mr. Hideki Makihara,
Member of the House of Representatives in the Diet, Mr. Kawasumi, President
of Masakuni, Mr.Yamada, Seiko-en Owners, Mr. Murata, Kyuka-en, Bosnai
restaurant staff and Mr. Nakamizu, thank you !!

10 Oct 2015

We hold bonsai class this month 1st is kokedama class.
Enjoy and happy !


09 Oct 2015

We just finished vanning for container by ship, and very tired...

07 Oct 2015

We hold Spanish Evening Party at Bonsai Restaurant for David.
Mansei en Ishikawa san, Uchida kun from Australia, and Morgane, thank you !

02 Oct 2015

We have an interview of Denmar TV program.
The title is "Bonai and Japanese culture"
I really Bonsai is deep culture for foreign people....

27 Sep 2015

They are regular member of my bonsai class.
Today's class is "with stone" a little heavy for Takuto kun.

21 Sep 2015

We hold Spanish Evening party at Bonsai Restaurant as usual.
Many thanks !

28 Jun 2015

Today's bonsai class is Pinus pentaphylla from Shikoku. Today's work is
wired copper wire, and bud trimming,,,,
it looks like a little difficult ? Thank you for coming !

26 Jun 2015

Today's bonsai tour client is veterinarian of Disney World in United States,
we welcome menu of vegetarian special lunch ! Thank you for the cute cap:)

24 Jun 2015

We are looking for natural moss for use Bonsai class of Tochigi by car, we
stayed one night and spent relaxed time !

22 Jun 2015
Yesterday, I watched on TV  Tokyo “Bonsai school” in Shizuoka.
We management this school, many foreign bonsai enthusiast learned bonsai skill and
technique in Japan.
13 Jun 2015

Hydrangea bloomed in front of Bonsai restaurant this year, too !
I like this vivid colour of flower, of course, blue type.

07 Jun 2015

Mr. Hidaki Makihara hold lunch meeting at Bonsai restaurant, many thanks 
coming to our restaurant:)

01 Jun 2015

We hold a party in Bonsai Restaurant for Korean and United States client ♪

13 May 2015

Hello, Everyone,

Bonsai tour organized by Yoshihiro Nakamizu, owners of Bonsai Restaurant Omiya,
was aired throughout the world on May 11th and 12th.

He took three Australian bonsai enthusiasts along with NHK TV crew to the following places

Mr. Masahiko Kimura's garden
Mr. Kunio Kobayashi's garden
Takahashi engei nursery of pre-bonsai in Fukaya city

You can watch the program until early June by visiting the following address.


Thank you,

Maki Isano

19 Feb 2015

I went to Bonsai tour attend with German people after a long interval.
Special tour for Mr. Kimura and Mr. Kobayashi garden only.
I met Hugo at Shunak-en and took a picture !

12 Feb 2015

Spanish group bonsai tour by Bonsai Network Japan.

with Mr. Kunio Kobayashi and in front of Bonsai Restaurant Omiya !

05 Feb 2015

During a period of Kokufu-ten 5-13 February, many foreign people came to Kokufu-ten and  Bonsai village, Bonsai museum and our Bonsai Restaurant Omiya !
Australia, Unites States, Spain....
See you next year, too !!

05 Feb 2015

Spanish student of bonsai school came to Japan, and I was pick him up to
Narita airport and transfer to Tokyo station.
Have a nice for three months !!

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