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Exporting bonsai including garden bonsai and other bonsai-related products to other countries.
Organizing bonsai tour, managing international bonsai school.

We will offer any products and services you need as far as bonsai is concerned.
Not only bonsai tools, pots, display stand,and other bonsai-related products we organize bonsai school, workshop, and bonsai tour in Japan as well.
I am working as an adviser at the same time for Saitama city government office to promote Omiya bonsai throughout the world.

Monthly special
Staff Diary

Some of news reporter came to our Bonsai Restaurant, Bonsai Network Japan, and Bonsai village, and Bonsai Museum….
The case start is United Kingdom leaving the EU.
We can’t believe the results and surprised media rush.


Bonsai Restaurant Omiya
Bonsai Restaurant Omiya